Palam Enclave Manglapuri Bus Terminal

**Palam Enclave Manglapuri Bus Terminal is located at the heart of palam, where you can board DTC buses for several places in delhi. Below is the list of most prominent bus services from manglapuri bus terminal ,palam , delhi :

Sr.No. Route No. Start End Distance Total STA Bus Starts At Frequency Via

1727Palam Village J.L.N.Stdm. 22.80 KM 185.25 AM 10 Min. View Route

2715Mangla Puri Mehrauli19.60 KM 174.55 AM 10 MinView Route

3721Mangla Puri ISBT 26.00 KM 445.06 AM 6 Min. View Route

4761Mangla Puri Azad Pur 25.00 KM 414.45 AM 5 Min. View Route

5764Najafgarh Nehru Place 39.00 KM 485.00 AM6 Min.View Route

6781Palam Cly. Minto Road 22.00 KM 135.00 AM 15 Min.View Route

7770 Palam Village A.K.Stdm. 25.60 KM 145.00 AM 13 Min. View Route

8801IGI Air Port Karam Pura 24.70 KM155.00 AM 11 Min. View Route

9741 Mangla Puri Jayanti Shivan 31.50 KM16.00 AM 3 Hrs 40 MinView Route

10RL77Mangla Puri N.D. Railway Station35.6 KM185:50 AM110 MinView Route

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